15 things we learned during Facebook’s 2017 F8 conference


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to the stage at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose this week at a difficult time for the company.

The world is a thoroughly different place to the one in which he confidently announced that chatbots and VR would “change the way we all experience the world” last year.

Now the head of the Oculus VR unit at Facebook, Palmer Luckey, has lost his job thanks to his ties to Donald Trump, a populist US president that many believe was aided in his journey to the White House by Facebook’s lax attitude to filtering ‘fake news’ from people’s news feeds.

Then there is the recent controversy over Facebook’s video platform being hijacked by violent and sexual content in the wake of Cleveland gunman Steve Stephens uploading a video to the platform of him killing a man, a serious issue for a platform that is driving a video-first approach.

So what did Zuck announce at this year’s developer jamboree, and did he confront the big issues facing the company for the year ahead?

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