Scarleteel Threat Targets AWS Fargate, Launches DDoS and Cryptojacking Campaigns

The Scarleteel threat targets AWS Fargate environments for data theft and more malicious types of attacks such as cryptojacking and DDoS. Learn how to mitigate this threat. Image: sarayut_sy/Shutterstock Sysdig, a cloud... Read more »

White House Launches Cybersecurity Implementation Plan

Image: Maksym Yemelyanov/Adobe Stock U.S. President Biden’s administration this week released the first iteration of the National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan, which was announced in March 2023. The plan aims to boost... Read more »

How to Check If Someone Else Accessed Your Google Account

Review your recent Gmail access, browser sign-in history and Google account activity to make sure no one other than you has used your account. Illustration: Andy Wolber/TechRepublic Whenever a computer is out... Read more »

Gartner: Due to stress, half of cyber leaders will change jobs, and a quarter will quit the field

Image: Gorodenkoff/Adobe Stock Gartner’s 2023-2024 cybersecurity outlook, which the consultancy presented this week, contains good news and bad. There has been a significant shift from three years ago when chief information security... Read more »

EDM Council Survey: Management of Cloud Data Deployment is Lacking

The Council’s first benchmark found that 84% of companies have not implemented ethical access, use and outcome policies and procedures per their cloud agendas. Image: EDM Council As more and more organizations... Read more »

TechRepublic Premium Editorial Calendar: IT Policies, Checklists, Hiring Kits and Research for Download

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How to add the Docker Scout feature to the Docker CLI

In this TechRepublic How to Make Tech Work tutorial, Jack Wallen shows you how to add the Docker Scout feature to the Docker CLI. [embedded content] You might have heard of Docker... Read more »

Gigamon’s Cloud Security Report Shares Insights on Undetected Breaches & Deep Observability

Image: UnderhilStudio/Shutterstock Findings in network intelligence firm Gigamon’s Hybrid Cloud Security Survey report suggest there’s a disconnect between perception and reality when it comes to vulnerabilities in the hybrid cloud: 94% of... Read more »

Aqua Security Study Finds 1,400% Increase in Memory Attacks

Analysis of 700,000 real-world attacks shows how memory attacks evade protections and suggest mitigations. Image: tippapatt/Adobe Stock Threat actors are honing their focus on exploits that evade detection and remain unnoticed within... Read more »

Syxsense Unveils Novel Unified Endpoint Management Strategy

Syxsense now offers more IT and endpoint management functions, including mobile device management, automation, remediation and zero trust. Image: Adobe Stock/ArtemisDiana Syxsense recently unveiled its all-encompassing suite – Syxsense Enterprise, which comes... Read more »