IBM launches advertising blitz against AWS at re:Invent

LAS VEGAS — Advertisements are popping up along the Las Vegas strip this week that challenge Amazon Web Services’ position in the cloud market — and the perpetrator is competitor IBM. As... Read more »

HyTrust snaps up encryption firm HighCloud

HyTrust will add encryption to its cloud security software following its acquisition of HighCloud Security this week. HyTrust Inc. already enforces access controls at the management layer of virtual environment so that... Read more »

Controlled Metamorphosis Between Skeleton-Driven Animated Polyhedral Meshes of Arbitrary Topologies

Enabling animators to smoothly transform between animated meshes of differing topologies is a long-standing problem in geometric modelling and computer animation. In this paper, we propose a new hybrid approach built upon... Read more »

Visualization of the Centre of Projection Geometrical Locus in a Single Image

Single view reconstruction (SVR) is an important approach for 3D shape recovery since many non-existing buildings and scenes are captured in a single image. Historical photographs are often the most precise source... Read more »

A Survey of Volumetric Illumination Techniques for Interactive Volume Rendering

Interactive volume rendering in its standard formulation has become an increasingly important tool in many application domains. In recent years several advanced volumetric illumination techniques to be used in interactive scenarios have... Read more »

Appearance Stylization of Manhattan World Buildings

We propose a method that generates stylized building models from examples (Figure ). Our method only requires minimal user input to capture the appearance of a Manhattan world (MW) building, and can... Read more »

Mobility-Trees for Indoor Scenes Manipulation

In this work, we introduce the ‘mobility-tree’ construct for high-level functional representation of complex 3D indoor scenes. In recent years, digital indoor scenes are becoming increasingly popular, consisting of detailed geometry and... Read more »