Azure Monitor’s Change Analysis helps you troubleshoot problems quickly

Azure Monitor’s Change Analysis helps you troubleshoot problems quickly. Image: PhotoGranary/Adobe Stock Change management is key to running a mature IT organization. If problems arise, it’s important to know what’s changed in... Read more »

Salesforce Tableau puts AI in driver’s seat for big data

Enhancements to Tableau for Slack focuses on sharing, search and insights with automated workflows for tools like Accelerator. The goal: empower decision makers and CRM teams to put big data to work.... Read more »

ChatGPT powers up Salesforce’s Einstein AI

Salesforce is making CRM talkative by integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT generative AI model, to give chat functions to Slack, Einstein AI and other platforms. Image: kanpisut/Adobe Stock More must-read AI coverage ChatGPT set... Read more »

New Salesforce service offers EU customers more control over their data

The Hyperforce EU Operating Zone framework offers tailored EU support in alignment with GDPR for Salesforce’s Hyperforce platform. Image: Sundry Photography/Adobe Stock Salesforce has opened a new cloud platform for EU customers... Read more »

Qualcomm Aware brings software as a service to IoT silicon

Qualcomm’s new cloud platform for IoT developers and enterprises might be available to subscribers later this year. Image: thetahoeguy/Shutterstock Qualcomm Technologies jumped into the software-as-a-service world on Tuesday with Qualcomm Aware, a... Read more »

For enterprise APIs, is Zero-Copy Integration the David to big data’s Goliath?

Image: gonin/Adobe Stock In Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “The King and I,” the King explains to “I” that the bee always flies from flower to flower, the flower never flies from bee to... Read more »

Cloud data warehouse guide and checklist

Choosing a vendor to provide cloud-based data warehouse services requires a certain level of due diligence on the part of the purchaser. This Cloud Data Warehouse Guide and the accompanying checklist from... Read more »

Data ingestion vs. ETL: How are they different?

Data ingestion and ETL are often used interchangeably. But, they’re not the same thing. Here’s what they mean and how they work. Image: garrykillian/Adobe Stock Today’s businesses have increased the amount of... Read more »

A complete review of IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration

IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration simplifies the movement and transformation of data. Read our review of the tool to learn about functionality, competitors and pricing. Image: bakhtiarzein/Adobe Stock By 2025, it is... Read more »

Tips and tricks for securing data when migrating to the cloud

Image: estherpoon/Adobe Stock More and more organizations are moving mission-critical systems and data to the cloud. While migration to and between all types of cloud services poses security challenges, migration to and... Read more »
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