What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

DLP helps organizations protect their sensitive data. Learn about the best practices and tools available to prepare for and prevent data loss. Image: Adobe Stock/alvaher Data loss prevention enables organizations to protect... Read more »

Dell Technologies World 2023: Q&A on how Dell sees security at the edge

Image: Adobe Stock In May 2023, Dell announced NativeEdge, an edge operations software platform. Dell has been talking to customers for years in advance of the release about the needs of technology... Read more »

Palo Alto Networks CTO Talks Securing ‘Code to Cloud’

Image: Timon/Adobe Stock Palo Alto Networks held its annual Code to Cloud Cybersecurity Summit Thursday, focusing on cloud, DevOps and security. Experts discussed trends, opportunities and challenges with coding and the cloud.... Read more »

Remote work and the cloud create new endpoint security challenges

Cybersecurity has always been challenging, but with the cloud becoming more complex, the Internet of Things more advanced and remote work more embraced, security and endpoint management face a host of new... Read more »

Akamai’s new study: Bots, phishing and server attacks making commerce a cybersecurity hotspot

The study shows attackers are using more bots and doing more sophisticated phishing exploits and server attacks, especially targeting retail. Image: Sashkin/Adobe Stock Attacks on commerce are booming, according to a new... Read more »

New phishing and business email compromise campaigns increase in complexity, bypass MFA

Read the technical details about a new AiTM phishing attack combined with a BEC campaign as revealed by Microsoft, and learn how to mitigate this threat. Image: MASHKA/Adobe Stock A report from... Read more »

DDoS threats and defense: How certain assumptions can lead to an attack

The assumptions a business shouldn’t make about its DDoS defenses and the steps it should take now to reduce its likelihood of attack. Image: iStockphoto/stevanovicigor Jump to: A website without high traffic... Read more »

Cisco LIVE 2023: AI and security platforms innovations take center stage 

Image: Cisco Organizations worldwide are dealing with short-staffed security operations, and a security parasol that stitches together numerous single-point solutions and hampers threat visibility. At its LIVE 2023 event in Las Vegas... Read more »

Verizon 2023 DBIR: DDoS attacks dominate and pretexting lead to BEC growth

In Verizon’s just-released 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report, money is king, and denial of service and social engineering still hold sway. Image: Ar_TH /Adobe Stock Verizon’s just-released 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report... Read more »

Google launches passkeys for Workspace

Image: faithie/Adobe Stock Google validated the virtues of passkey authentication technology on Monday with an open beta version of passkey access that allows people and organizations around the world to sign into... Read more »