Cisco Expects Global Data Traffic will Exponentially Increase by 2022

Cisco predicts that more IP traffic will move across global networks in the year 2022 than the accumulative 32 years leading up to 2016.

They expect global internet users to make up 60 percent of the world’s population in 2022. Currently that number stands at 3.4 billion in 2017 amounting to 45 percent of  the worlds population.

A new report from Cisco found that global networked devices and connections are expected to reach 28.5 billion by 2022. As smart devices get cheaper and are adopted by more users Cisco estimate that every person will have over three devices that connect to the internet.

Steinthor Bjarnason, Network Security Research Engineer at NETSCOUT, commented in an emailed statement that: “If these predictions offer an accurate picture of what future data consumption will look like, every organisation needs to consider whether their networks will be able to scale to meet this new reality.

As the network traffic grow so will the choices consumers face, Steinthor predicates that networks will become fragmented and that in other for enterprises to remain visible they will have to understand their own IT system capabilities.

Steinthor comments that visibility is a key factor and: “Through combining service assurance and cybersecurity, the IT team can monitor all systems from one place”

Internet Speed

Cisco anticipates that broadband speeds around the world will double and in some cases triple. The current average global broadband speed is 39.00 Mbps, Cisco expects this to jump to 75.4 Mbps.

Mark Adams Regional VP for UK & Ireland at Veeam finds that the Cisco report highlights a the fact that data is not just growing in size but its accessinlity and speed is changing to meet business and consumer needs.

He commented that: “Traditionally data was buried in silos but now we are seeing data being pooled, whether that is in large data lakes or containers. We’re also seeing more unstructured data being kept and analysed.”

“While structured data such as databases are still commonly used by businesses, it’s the rise in emails, social media messages and comments, photos, videos, audio files that are driving increases in data storage for businesses, but consumers also, through technologies including iCloud backup.”

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