Image Space Rendering of Point Clouds Using the HPR Operator

The hidden point removal (HPR) operator introduced by Katz et al. [KTB07] provides an elegant solution for the problem of estimating the visibility of points in point samplings of surfaces. Since the method requires... Read more »

Multi-Scale Kernels Using Random Walks

We introduce novel multi-scale kernels using the random walk framework and derive corresponding embeddings and pairwise distances. The fractional moments of the rate of continuous time random walk (equivalently diffusion rate) are... Read more »

Stackless Multi-BVH Traversal for CPU, MIC and GPU Ray Tracing

Stackless traversal algorithms for ray tracing acceleration structures require significantly less storage per ray than ordinary stack-based ones. This advantage is important for massively parallel rendering methods, where there are many rays... Read more »

Subdivision Surfaces with Creases and Truncated Multiple Knot Lines

We deal with subdivision schemes based on arbitrary degree B-splines. We focus on extraordinary knots which exhibit various levels of complexity in terms of both valency and multiplicity of knot lines emanating... Read more »

Scalable Realistic Rendering with Many-Light Methods

Recent years have seen increasing attention and significant progress in many-light rendering, a class of methods for efficient computation of global illumination. The many-light formulation offers a unified mathematical framework for the... Read more »

Visibility Silhouettes for Semi-Analytic Spherical Integration

At each shade point, the spherical visibility function encodes occlusion from surrounding geometry, in all directions. Computing this function is difficult and point-sampling approaches, such as ray-tracing or hardware shadow mapping, are... Read more »

Controlled Metamorphosis Between Skeleton-Driven Animated Polyhedral Meshes of Arbitrary Topologies

Enabling animators to smoothly transform between animated meshes of differing topologies is a long-standing problem in geometric modelling and computer animation. In this paper, we propose a new hybrid approach built upon... Read more »

Visualization of the Centre of Projection Geometrical Locus in a Single Image

Single view reconstruction (SVR) is an important approach for 3D shape recovery since many non-existing buildings and scenes are captured in a single image. Historical photographs are often the most precise source... Read more »

A Survey of Volumetric Illumination Techniques for Interactive Volume Rendering

Interactive volume rendering in its standard formulation has become an increasingly important tool in many application domains. In recent years several advanced volumetric illumination techniques to be used in interactive scenarios have... Read more »

Appearance Stylization of Manhattan World Buildings

We propose a method that generates stylized building models from examples (Figure ). Our method only requires minimal user input to capture the appearance of a Manhattan world (MW) building, and can... Read more »