Security Think Tank: Shift left, shift right. What about shift everywhere?

It is a long-held belief that security needs to become more prominent in the development lifecycle. Instilling this belief in the developer community, however, has proven to be rather challenging. Work has... Read more »

Space nerds beware: James Webb images used to spread malware

Cyber criminals are exploiting some of the astounding new images captured by Nasa’s James Webb Space Telescope to indiscriminately spread malware to their targets, according to intelligence shared by the threat research... Read more »

Local authorities experience 10,000 attempted cyber attacks every day

Local authorities across the UK are experiencing an average of 10,000 attempted or successful cyber attacks every single day and have seen a 14% year-on-year increase in incidents to over two million... Read more »

New (ISC)² cyber careers schemes go live

Professional cyber security association and certification body (ISC)² has formally launched two cyber careers schemes, Candidates and Certified in Cybersecurity, as it seeks to broaden access into the sector and plug a... Read more »

Security Think Tank: Effective DevSecOps requires collaboration

It’s tempting to view application security as the domain of the IT security team, but this is too narrow for today’s organisation, not least because any vulnerabilities that are exploited are likely... Read more »

Use ISO/TS 22317:2021 to shape your business impact analysis

One of the most important activities to perform in the course of preparing business continuity and technology disaster recovery plans is the business impact analysis. A business impact analysis (BIA) identifies and... Read more »

Google debuts open source bug bounty programme

Google has added a strand to its stable of vulnerability rewards programmes (VRPs) with the launch of a dedicated open source software (OSS) track that will reward hackers who disclose bugs in... Read more »

Norway has NOK200m plan to bolster cyber defences

Norway has increased its digital defence spending to buttress the country’s critical IT infrastructure against a heightened risk of state-sponsored cyber attacks from Russia. The elevated threat level, which follows an uptick... Read more »

NHS staff fall further behind amid ransomware attack

Although some NHS bodies have recovered the services that were affected by the 4 August ransomware attack on the systems of software supplier Advanced, multiple products remain offline and are likely to... Read more »

Four years into GDPR, Norway hopes for safer data transfer to US

Like most countries, Norway has data privacy laws that go beyond the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For example, there are laws on credit referencing and on camera surveillance in an employee... Read more »