On Near Optimal Lattice Quantization of Multi-Dimensional Data Points

One of the most elementary application of a lattice is the quantization of real-valued s-dimensional vectors into finite bit precision to make them representable by a digital computer. Most often, the simple... Read more »

Occluder Simplification Using Planar Sections

We present a method for extreme occluder simplification. We take a triangle soup as input, and produce a small set of polygons with closely matching occlusion properties. In contrast to methods that... Read more »

Robust Segmentation of Multiple Intersecting Manifolds from Unoriented Noisy Point Clouds

We present a method for extracting complex manifolds with an arbitrary number of (self-) intersections from unoriented point clouds containing large amounts of noise. Manifolds are formed in a three-step process. First,... Read more »

Interactive Simulation of Rigid Body Dynamics in Computer Graphics

Interactive rigid body simulation is an important part of many modern computer tools, which no authoring tool nor game engine can do without. Such high-performance computer tools open up new possibilities for... Read more »

Low-Cost Subpixel Rendering for Diverse Displays

Subpixel rendering increases the apparent display resolution by taking into account the subpixel structure of a given display. In essence, each subpixel is addressed individually, allowing the underlying signal to be sampled... Read more »

Time Line Cell Tracking for the Approximation of Lagrangian Coherent Structures with Subgrid Accuracy

Lagrangian coherent structures (LCSs) have become a widespread and powerful method to describe dynamic motion patterns in time-dependent flow fields. The standard way to extract LCS is to compute height ridges in... Read more »

On Perception of Semi-Transparent Streamlines for Three-Dimensional Flow Visualization

One of the standard techniques to visualize three-dimensional flow is to use geometry primitives. This solution, when opaque primitives are used, results in high levels of occlusion, especially with dense streamline seeding.... Read more »

Modelling of Non-Periodic Aggregates Having a Pile Structure

This paper presents a procedure for modelling aggregates such as piles that consist of arbitrary components. The method generates an aggregate of components that need to be accumulated, and an aggregate shape... Read more »

Image Space Rendering of Point Clouds Using the HPR Operator

The hidden point removal (HPR) operator introduced by Katz et al. [KTB07] provides an elegant solution for the problem of estimating the visibility of points in point samplings of surfaces. Since the method requires... Read more »

Multi-Scale Kernels Using Random Walks

We introduce novel multi-scale kernels using the random walk framework and derive corresponding embeddings and pairwise distances. The fractional moments of the rate of continuous time random walk (equivalently diffusion rate) are... Read more »