Accurate and Efficient Computation of Laplacian Spectral Distances and Kernels

This paper introduces the Laplacian spectral distances, as a function that resembles the usual distance map, but exhibits properties (e.g. smoothness, locality, invariance to shape transformations) that make them useful to processing... Read more »

Towards Globally Optimal Normal Orientations for Large Point Clouds

Various processing algorithms on point set surfaces rely on consistently oriented normals (e.g. Poisson surface reconstruction). While several approaches exist for the calculation of normal directions, in most cases, their orientation has... Read more »

Discovering Structured Variations Via Template Matching

Understanding patterns of variation from raw measurement data remains a central goal of shape analysis. Such an understanding reveals which elements are repeated, or how elements can be derived as structured variations... Read more »

Synthesizing Ornamental Typefaces

We present a method for creating ornamental typeface images. Ornamental typefaces are a composite artwork made from the assemblage of images that carry similar semantics to words. These appealing word-art works often... Read more »

Sparse GPU Voxelization of Yarn-Level Cloth

Most popular methods in cloth rendering rely on volumetric data in order to model complex optical phenomena such as sub-surface scattering. These approaches are able to produce very realistic illumination results, but... Read more »

Memory-Efficient Interactive Online Reconstruction From Depth Image Streams

We describe how the pipeline for 3D online reconstruction using commodity depth and image scanning hardware can be made scalable for large spatial extents and high scanning resolutions. Our modified pipeline requires... Read more »

A Virtual Director Using Hidden Markov Models

Automatically computing a cinematographic consistent sequence of shots over a set of actions occurring in a 3D world is a complex task which requires not only the computation of appropriate shots (viewpoints)... Read more »

Performance Comparison of Bounding Volume Hierarchies and Kd-Trees for GPU Ray Tracing

We present a performance comparison of bounding volume hierarchies and kd-trees for ray tracing on many-core architectures (GPUs). The comparison is focused on rendering times and traversal characteristics on the GPU using... Read more »

Digital Fabrication Techniques for Cultural Heritage: A Survey

Digital fabrication devices exploit basic technologies in order to create tangible reproductions of 3D digital models. Although current 3D printing pipelines still suffer from several restrictions, accuracy in reproduction has reached an... Read more »

Inversion Fractals and Iteration Processes in the Generation of Aesthetic Patterns

In this paper, we generalize the idea of star-shaped set inversion fractals using iterations known from fixed point theory. We also extend the iterations from real parameters to so-called q-system numbers and... Read more »