Cisco Helps Businesses Deal With Shadow IT

The vendor's new Cloud Consumption as a Service offering monitors the use of public cloud services by company employees. Read more »

Microsoft Bids Farewell to Pre-Internet Explorer 11 Browsers

The time has come. Today, Microsoft stops supporting older versions of Internet Explorer, potentially leaving many small businesses at risk. Read more »

Microsoft Issues VMware-Friendly Azure Site Recovery Update

The company upgrades its cloud-based disaster recovery offering for virtualized environments powered by VMware. Read more »

Citrix Sells Cloud Management Products to Accelerite

The deal is part of a larger effort by Citrix to streamline operations that includes spinning out its GoTo online meeting business. Read more »

Google Says Its Cloud Prices Are Lower Even After AWS Cuts

Google claims that a spec-to-spec comparison shows its prices are between 15 and 41 percent lower than those of Amazon Web Services. Read more »

Facebook, India Regulators at Odds Over Free Basics Internet

Free Basics, previously known as, offers limited Internet access to users who cannot afford a broadband connection or smartphone data plan. Read more »

Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service Ecosystem Expands

The new year means new updates to Microsoft's blockchain effort, including a larger roster of Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service supporters. Read more »

Predicting Visual Perception of Material Structure in Virtual Environments

One of the most accurate yet still practical representation of material appearance is the Bidirectional Texture Function (BTF). The BTF can be viewed as an extension of Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF)... Read more »

Accurate and Efficient Computation of Laplacian Spectral Distances and Kernels

This paper introduces the Laplacian spectral distances, as a function that resembles the usual distance map, but exhibits properties (e.g. smoothness, locality, invariance to shape transformations) that make them useful to processing... Read more »

Towards Globally Optimal Normal Orientations for Large Point Clouds

Various processing algorithms on point set surfaces rely on consistently oriented normals (e.g. Poisson surface reconstruction). While several approaches exist for the calculation of normal directions, in most cases, their orientation has... Read more »