The Biden administration may eye CSPs to improve security, but the real caveat emptor? Secure thyself

Image: Maksym Yemelyanov/Adobe Stock President Joe Biden’s administration, as part of its recently released National Cybersecurity Strategy, said critical sectors such as telecommunications, energy and healthcare rely on the cybersecurity and resilience... Read more »

Pentagon splits $9B cloud deal between Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Oracle

No Jedi mind tricks involved: The five-sided government entity chose four cloud providers as it ended its single-company JEDI contract with Microsoft. Image: icholakov/Adobe Stock The U.S. Department of Defense is not... Read more »

Rockset releases connector for Amazon MSK, optimizing real-time streaming analytics

Rockset has released a connector for Amazon MSK, enabling new speeds and depths for data stream analytics. Image: iuriimotov/Stock Image Rockset, the real-time analytics database company with a cloud focus, has recently... Read more »

AWS re:Invent 2022: A tiered tour of technology tools, tenets and trends

Image: iStock/jetcityimage AWS re:Invent is a big show. In official terms, Amazon Web Services confirms there are some 50,000 attendees for this conference, a figure that is joined by a claimed 300,000... Read more »

AWS re:Invent 2022: Partners on parade

Image: ra2 studio/Adobe Stock Technology vendors love to partner. Some even create extended portmanteau-style names to express their conjoined status. Microsoft (Windows), Intel and Compaq were briefly known as WinTelPaq when all... Read more »

Amazon Web Services vs Google Cloud: Compare top cloud migration tools

Image: phonlamaiphoto/Adobe Stock Transitioning from on-premises infrastructure to a cloud environment comes with many benefits, some of which include improved scalability, flexibility and security as well as reductions in the cost of... Read more »

Learn AWS online, in your own time

Get study materials to ace six certification exams for less than $60. The Complete 2022 AWS Certification Training Bundle is on sale now! Image: Stack Commerce The cloud is crucial to modern... Read more »

HPE GreenLake vs AWS: Compare top edge computing platforms

HPE Greenlake and AWS provide edge solutions for improving the speed and security of users’ data processes. But which vendor takes a better approach toward edge computing? Image: ra2 studio/Adobe Stock Edge... Read more »

15 highest-paying certifications for 2022

Image: IT professionals looking to become certified in a particular technology, and earn a healthy salary to boot, should focus on the cloud or cybersecurity, at least according to the latest... Read more »

European cloud providers grow but lose market share to US titans

Cloud providers across Europe may be witnessing some growth, but they face strong competition from the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Image: chombosan, Getty Images/iStockphoto The growing demand for cloud computing... Read more »
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